International Journal of Gynaecology Research

Online ISSN: 2664-8938
Print ISSN: 2664-892X

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2019)

Blood deficiency as a cause of post-partum depression on the mother and giant congenital nevus on the baby

Author(s): Huang WL
Abstract: Introduction: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Blood is one of the four energies necessary for maintaining physical, mental and emotional health. According to TCM, Blood Deficiency is one of the main causes of Postpartum Depression (PPD), due to causes such as the labor’s blood loss, previous, post or pregnancy-acquired anemia, post-partum blood stasis, etc. Giant Congenital Nevus, an extremely rare melanocytic lesion presented at 1 in each 20.000 births, is also explained in TCM through Blood deficiency. The purpose of this study is to bring attention to the Blood deficiencies of pregnant women that can cause common symptoms such as PPD or more extreme symptoms such as the formation of Giant Congenital Nevus on the newborn. Methods: a case study of 6-month-old baby boy with Giant Congenital Nevus whose mother was hopeless for treatment through Western Medicine’s approaches, until a TCM physician associated the baby’s condition to a Blood deficiency which was also causing the mother PPD’s symptoms. Findings: Through Chinese Dietary therapy, acupuncture sessions and quantic medication both mother and baby had their conditions greatly improved. Therefore, the conclusion of this study is that the treatment of a pregnant woman’s Blood deficiency can prevent postpartum depression as well as a possible formation of a giant congenital nevus on her baby.
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